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SFFCS Video Series 3: Mental Health & Addiction

July 29 2016 SUPPORTING MENTAL HEALTH & ADDICTION PROGRAMS IN SURREY. For many years, mental health has been avoided by many because of the stigma attached to it. It has become more and more apparent to us as first responders the severity of these issues. In our response to calls
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Community Leader Awards 2016

Congratulations to IAFF 1271 members – Amanda Roman, Dan Kehler and Kevin Coplin for being recognized in the 2016 Community Leader Awards for the charitable services they provide in their community.  Congratulations to all recipients of the CLA, there are some outstanding citize
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SFFCS Video Series 2: Health Care & Research

Launch June 27 2016 SUPPORTING HEALTH CARE & RESEARCH. As Fire Fighters, in order for us to do our jobs safely and correctly, we need to have the proper equipment, lives depend on it. We have this gear to prevent injuries, so we can do our job protecting property and saving lives.
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