Image of the Surrey Fire Fighters Logo with text that reads: Surrey Fire Fighters Association

Nutritional Snack Program – Request Form

Request Deadline Dates (submit before 5pm)


INITIAL REQUEST Deadline: Wed. Sep. 18, 2019  (delivery Sep 25-27, 2019)

Thr. Nov 07, 2019 (delivery Nov 12-15, 2019)
Fri. Dec 20, 2019 (delivery Jan 7-10, 2020)
Thr. Feb 6, 2020 (delivery Feb 11-14, 2020)
Fri. Mar 13, 2020 (delivery Mar 30-Apr 3, 2020)
Thr. Apr 30, 2020 (delivery May 5-8, 2020)

Our members purchase the food, split it up and distribute it to the fire halls,
then the fire crews deliver to the schools

Please contactnutrition_emailwith any questions or issue with this requesting process

If you need to modify your request, please re-submit the corrected form with a
comment explaining you would like to use the 2nd (updated) submitted request form.