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HTML writing & migration guide

When migrating content from, text should be copied from the site and pasted into the HTML editor (top right of the content entry box). Headings and text styles may then be applied through both the ‘visual’ or the ‘html’ editors in the WordPress admin interface. This will insure that all HTML tags containing conflicting inline CSS styles will be stripped.

Text styles:

This is a heading 1

This is a heading 2

This is a heading 3

This is a heading 4

This is a heading 5

bold text is surrounded by a <strong> tag in the HTML editor
Italic or emphasized text is surrounded by a <em> tag in the HTML editor

Paragraphs do not need a surrounding <p> tag in WordPress – it will add them into the source code automatically.


adding a <hr /> tag in the HTML editor will insert a horizontal line break ^


Important – This will save a lot of time!!!…

All of the images and PDFs from the existing site have been duplicated in the new database. To move these files:

  1. log into the wordpress admin of the original site
  2. open the page editor
  3. directly copy and paste the image or pdf link from the visual editor into the new site’s corresponding page.


All links to external pages can be kept and copied directly

Internal links to different sections of the site must be edited to direct to the right page as the new site has a different navigation/page structure

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