Holiday Picks Information

2022 Holiday Picking Information

ALL members are required to be ready IMMEDIATELY after shift

1st Round has the possibility of picking via email

—- so if you are 25th on the pick list you might be the first person picking

If you have picked via email, there may be issues, so you must be available IMMEDIATELY after shift

D Shift Thr Oct 7 immediately after shift
A Shift Sun Oct 17 immediately after shift
C Shift Thr Oct 21 immediately after shift
B Shift Thr Nov 4 immediately after shift

Holiday Picking Rules.pdf
Shift Calendars (all shifts).pdf
Seniority Pick Lists (all shifts).pdf
Training Members (all shifts).pdf

Remote Viewing Instructions – scroll down page
—–GoToMeeting Link:
—–GoToMeeting Link: (then enter 809 074 765)


  • A mask will be required when you approach the pick station. Please bring your own, as there will be a limited supply on hand.
  • Members attending the CTF will not be permitted to move between classrooms or gather outside the CTF, you must remain in the classroom for the duration of your picks

All Members @ CTF
badge 500 and below 1st floor training room
badge 501 and higher 2nd floor training room



PC/Mac Browser website:
—-Do Not use MS Edge or Internet Explorer
—-Use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc
Mobile device app:
—-Download app called GoToMeeting (Apple / Google stores)


  • It is recommended that you have a backup member or the L1271 Executive present will be picking for you
  • I DO NOT need to know the backup person
  • If you are not available online and no one is picking for you, L1271 Exec. will pick for you
  • Allow / run anything that pops up
  • Click Don’t need audio or OK any audio settings
    • I can’t hear you as my speaker will be off
  • Type your FIRST & LAST NAME, no nick names
  • When my screen is shared, you will see it
    • If not, you will be waiting for my screen to be shared
  • Change CHAT to “To Presenter” or “To Administrator”
    • So only I see your picks
    • I WILL NOT read any chats until it’s your turn to pick


  • Keep an eye on the Member List
  • When you see your name show up
    • CHAT me your picks, ie 24, 25, 44
  • You will see me pick your sets and SAVE/OK
  • DO NOT leave the CHAT area UNTIL you see me SAVE/OK your picks
    • If there is a problem with your picks, I will CHAT back saying so
    • You will have to update your picks


Chris Szostak