Holiday Picks Information

2024 Holiday Picking Information

Holiday picks will be held on the following dates. We will have a hybrid session again with both virtual, as well as in-person at Station 1271. We encourage members to utilize the virtual option to participate and review the “Remote Picking Instructions” pdf

Oct 24: D shift  8am Sharp.
Oct 25: A shift 8am Sharp.
Oct 25: B shift Immediately Following Shift  (Prior to 6pm if possible)
Oct 26: C shift Immediately Following Shift  (Prior to 6pm if possible)

Holiday Picking Rules v2.pdf
Shift Calendars (all shifts) upd.pdf
Seniority Pick Lists (all shifts).pdf
Training Members (all shifts).pdf
Remote Picking Instructions.pdf
Restricted Set 1 Members.pdf
Shift Transfer AD group.pdf


• Transition to the 24 hour shift pattern will commence on Jan 6th at 7am, which is C Shift Day 1
• Due to the transition from our current pattern, to the 24 hour pattern, some members will have vacation set #1 impacted, see Restricted Set 1 Members.pdf.
• Anyone on B shift that picks Set #1 as a holiday set, will be picking 2x10h days (old system), the Employer will owe you one 24 hour shift, to be picked late Nov / early Dec. DC Aldcorn will coordinate, on a later date.
• Members transferring shifts are reminded to review their calendars. You are required to work 28 shifts in the 56 day cycle.
• Members are reminded to review TOR, you will not be able to select holidays during scheduled training, review attached.
• Clothing samples will be available during holiday picks, as well at Hall 1 on a later date.

Station 1271
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